Friday, July 6, 2007

Some people are dumb

So the /. FotD is bashing on the MS proclamation that their vouchers for Novell to distribute linux do not entitle the redeemer to any software licensed under GPLv3. For reference, see:

Now for their part, MS is being fairly smart. The recognize that GPLv3 is crafted to screw them, and are trying to preemptively disclaim any distribution of GPLv3 code. Basically, if you get linux with a MS voucher, your not getting the right to use anything licensed under GPLv3; a perfectly valid condition to impose.

Enter the dumb zealots, claiming that this is tantamount to MS declaring the law itself invalid by fiat. It's kinda like the fanatics who don't understand that their religion is opposed to killing people... have you guys even read the GPL, or is it just the magic anti-Microsoft golden idol in your minds?

MS doesn't want to distribute GPLv3 code, cause GPLv3's patent provisions are counter to everything MS wants to preserve with their IP (on purpose). They cannot be forced to distribute GPLv3 code; the law just doesn't work that way, as much as the zealots at FSF would like to change it by fiat.

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